You deserve to drink better.
Imbybe is new experiences, on the house.

We invite you into bars and restaurants, offering a full-sized drink with no strings attached.

Discover amazing drinks and start the night right

Trying a new tasty beverage has never been easier

Discover new drinks to try

Select your drink and location

Show your screen to the bartender

Drink, rate and discover more flavors

Imbybe opens up a world of flavor right around the corner

Finding new drink flavors you love is easy

Dozens of drinks are at your fingertips

Going out and trying new drinks at no cost to you

Every night out starts with a great experience

Start your flavor adventure today

Join us on a curated drink discovery journey from world leading makers and mixologists. 

Explore bars and restaurants near you and start your night with something new, different and better.

Where is Imbybe now?

We are launching in the Phoenix, AZ and Charleston, SC areas and expanding soon.

Discover amazing drinks and start the night right


Where can I download the app

You can download the app at the Apple App Store starting in early 2023.

Where can I get a drink?

You can use the app to locate restaurants and bars near you that are participating with Imbybe.

How do I redeem my drink offer?

Redeeming a drink is simple.

  • Open the Imbybe App on your Apple phone.

  • Navigate to the drink discovery screen by selecting the ‘Drinks’ icon in the lower left corner of the app.

  • Browse the available drink options near you.

  • When you find a drink you like, click on the image of the drink to learn more.

  • Head to the bar or restaurant listed in the drink offering. The navigate button will help you find your way.

  • Select the ‘Swipe to Drink’ button when you are at the bar or restaurant. You will then have 15 minutes to redeem your drink.

  • After swiping, show your screen to the bartender or server and enjoy the drink, rate, and discover your next opportunity to drink better.

How many drinks can I have?

You may have one (1) drink per day up to 10 per month.

May I invite a friend?

We appreciate you sharing your experience with friends and family and asking them to download the app and Imbybe. We are working to develop a social sharing functionality that will allow you to share your plans to Imbybe and feedback on your experiences. Stay tuned!

So what’s the catch?

No catch, no credit cards, no coupons, no receipt scanning, no cost to download and no cost to use. Just a gesture to you from your local bar and restaurant brought to you by Imbybe.

How much does it cost?

Imbybe allows you to explore and try new full-size beverages with no strings attached. There is no cost for you to download the app or try new drinks.

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